Rick Leaf | Nov-17

36 points of light (1 of 1)a bit realistic 2 (1 of 1)a day has gone by (1 of 1)a different trutha good time to get centered (1 of 1)a liking to it (1 of 1)a little bugged about it (1 of 1)a little potted plant (1 of 1)a little unatural (1 of 1)a lot of brushes in the boxa new translation (1 of 1)a photograph in there (1 of 1)a ray (1 of 1)about the way it was (1 of 1)abstract or something elseaccelleratedaccepted difference (1 of 1)adaptation (1 of 1)adjustments have been madeadjustments have been made (1 of 1)